Tambdi Jogeshwari Ganpati

This idol of deity is supposed to be 'Swayambhu' or self-born. It has been carved in stone and of height approximately 2.5 feet. It is a standig statue with four arms.The upper right arm has 'Damaroo' and left arm has 'Trishul'. The lower right arm holds head of asura and left arm has bowl or kamandaloo. There is no Vahan or Carriage shown for the deity. The statue is fixed to an another stone at the back. Being the Gram Devata of Pune , whenever there is an auspicious event like Wedding or Thread Ceremony or even a birth of a child , the devotees first visit the Jogeshwari Devi to seek her blessings. It is a custom to offer a first invitation to Devi , whenever there is a wedding or a thread ceremony . Devotees of the Tambdi Jogeshwari have tremendous faith that,the Devi grants their wishes just by deciphering her followers mind.

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